Friday, 21 September 2012

Guest Post on Bloom

Thank you, Louise Kinross for giving me the opportunity to write for Bloom 
(Holland Bloorview's blog).

Click HERE to check out my guest post.


  1. great post Stacey! Congrats! Louise is awesome...she had done a story on Connor and a foster puppy we were raising a few years back! glad you have connected with her!! :)

  2. Don't be silly! I'm thrilled we could share your story and I know many parents will relate. I'll be interested to see who you hear from as a result of the story.

    I love Carter and look forward to seeing him again soon!

    And it's cool to see Jennifer Cluff here! Thanks Stacey! Louise

    1. I've heard from a couple of parents. I hope more will contact me.
      Thanks again, Louise.