Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Magical Memories

It's official. We are the best parents in the world. Or at least we were for a short time not too many days ago. What was it that elevated us to Super Mom/Dad status? We surprised our kids with the ultimate family trip that most (all?) kids dream of taking: A TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD!!!

Here's how it all came about...

We didn't want to just blurt out the news of our upcoming trip. That's boring and why not make the kids work a little and earn their surprise? So, after dinner one night, I casually mentioned that I'd forgotten to give them a letter that had come in the mail. It was addressed to all three of them. Now I had their attention!

Take a look at what they found when they opened the letter (which didn't come in the mail at all and was indeed from us):

Dad and I have some big news for you three.
What is it, you ask?'ll just have to see.

The bad news is you'll miss some of your stuff...
Dance and swim lessons, hockey play-offs, it's tough.

You'd like the good news? Okay then, let's do it.
Get to work. Solve the clues. Come on and hop to it!

Remember it's teamwork. Solve all clues together.
For clue #1 what tells us the weather? 
(here's where they went to our indoor thermometer and found clue #2 folded up neatly waiting for them)

Such smart kids we have and thank goodness for that.
Because school you'll be missing, 5 full days, in fact.

For clue # 2 you'd better keep looking.
Where does Mom keep her pans for her muffin cooking?
(this one was tough - I was sure they'd get it right away but eventually I had to point them to the oven drawer)

You've done it again. Way to work as a team.  
But more clues are needed or so it would seem.

Some old folks you know have been missing you tons.
Now solve this puzzle to find out which ones.
(they worked together to solve a simple fill in the blank puzzle ANSWER: Grammy & Papa)

You'd better check out a couple more places
To find the next clue...look where you see faces. 
(Trickier...they knew to look for pictures of faces but, darn it, we have a lot of family photos around. They got it eventually)  

Let's recap. So far what is it you know?
You'll miss stuff, no school, Grammy & Papa miss you so.

Have you figured it out? Well, here's what to do. 
Open the freezer drawer for one last big clue.

Take a look at this video to watch the kids open the presents they found in the freezer (their final clue). It takes them a while to put it together and realize what it all means but when they get it, they really get it. What a reaction! (warning this video may does contain slight nudity - apologies in advance for my boy, Jack's exhibitionism. Can you say, caught up in the moment?):


And then the countdown began...

To the most magical trip of all...

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  1. So excited for your family! The weather here in Orlando was colder in the beginning of the week, but it looks like it will be nice for your trip. Hope you have a great time and I can't wait to read how things went :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Brandi!

  2. Stacey, I LOVE this post because it brought back memories of our trip to Disney when our kids were that age! Last year's blast back to Orlando just wasn't the same now that they are older. You have captured the magic from the moment of the big surprise right through to the end. I love your scrapbook slideshow. What a beautiful keepsake!

    You've inspired me to relive our Disney trip through my blog, and I will definitely link back to yours as inspiration. Beautiful job.

  3. You're welcome Stacey. Again - inspired. I posted tonight. Hope you like it. You'll have to tell me your slideshow secret one day. I didn't dare attempt to try it. You're amazing! Hope you're still floating on pixie dust!