Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bentley's Biz: Howling Halloween

We had a howling Halloween this year. Carter's Mom was a bit ticked off with the weather because it was raining cats and dogs, but the kids were happier than puppies chasing their tails. Take a look at us. We groomed up pretty nice, don't you think?  

This hockey crazed family suited me up as a rufferee if you can believe it. Watch it or I'll give you two minutes for ruffing.

Taylor just lost her two front canines so she decided to be the tooth fairy.

Jack had me running for the tomato juice. Funky Skunky made no scents to me. But, once I got a good sniff and realized he wasn't the real deal I was good with his get-up.

And Carter, he wanted to be Super Mario again this year so doggone it, that's what he was! 

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