Sunday, 27 July 2014

Living with a Bunch of Animals

So far, the kids and I have managed to keep busy this summer and can you believe it? We're almost at the midway mark. We're halfway through and I'm still sane. But, earlier this month, I did a not so sane thing. I took all three kids to Serengeti Bush Camp; a one night stay at the Metro Toronto Zoo. 

We had a walking tour of the African Savannah where we enjoyed a behind the scenes look at the rhinos (who we later 'had dinner with'). At dusk, we scampered around doing a scavenger hunt. And after finishing our night off with songs and stories by the campfire, we followed a moonlit path to where we would lay our tired little heads for the night. Then there was nothing between us and nature but the canvas of a Nairobi safari tent!

All three kids had a blast, but being the animal lover that he is, Carter was particularly in his glory. And now that I'm caught up on my sleep, I can happily admit that it was tons of fun, something we will always remember.

Click here or below to take a look:

We've been home from the zoo for some time now, so why is it that I still feel like I'm living with a bunch of animals? Ah well, Hakuna Matata!


  1. Hi Stacey, My daughter has been using a Vantage Lite - WordPower. Great to read about your son's progress! Just wondered , is he still using the Vantage, if so - have you experienced prescription review to look at the newer, lighter version with advanced word prediction-word Q ?- just wondered if CTN is prescribing many of the Accent devices yet?

    1. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
      Carter does still use his Vantage Lite with Minspeak/Unity. I would really like to look into getting him an Accent, but we haven't done so yet. I'd be interested in knowing how many Accents have been prescribed as well. We've had the Vantage Lite for about 4 years now so I'm hoping that we can look into getting an Accent in a year or so.