Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Summer of Carter

You remember the 'Summer of George'? Well, this was the Summer of CARTER!

Carter made the most of his two and a half months off and while he was at it, he accomplished some amazing things. Take a look...

He was loving all the animals he got to see...which started when we camped out over night at the Metro Toronto Zoo!

And then he spent a week at Nova's Ark camp!

He went to his first Birthday PARTY!!!

He got a new bike and spent A LOT of time on it!

Took Mario and Cow for a ride.

He spent some time at the skate park with his bro and sis too (lately he's very motivated by them and he's so pleased to be doing what they're doing).

And that was in large part why…he finally swam independently -- in the deep end too!!!

But alas, the summer (and therefore the summer of Carter) came to an end and it was finally time to head back to school.

Happy 11th birthday, buddy. We couldn't be more proud of you and all that you've accomplished!