Monday, 27 October 2014

Eight Weeks

(to the tune of One Week by the Barenaked Ladies)

It's been eight weeks since J, T and C
Headed back to school. They went 
back and were happy.
For seven weeks I was hired to teach 
At Seneca College - English like I studied.
Three days and I'll be back there,
I got hired again, for another session.
Time flies when I'm this busy.
And in seven more weeks it'll be time to say Merry…

When life gets chunked into seven week stretches the weeks fly by, and yes, when I finish this session Christmas will be just around the corner!

Hopefully before the snow flies I'll have some time to post again. Carter is doing some great things in regards to his communication. I can't wait to share!

Until then, may your next seven weeks be:

Hot like wasabe when you bust rhymes
Big like LeAnn Rimes
Because it’s all about value
(Find the rest of the Barenaked Ladies' One Week lyrics here)