Friday, 7 November 2014

Doggone it, Yoshi-dn't Bee Late Again!

This mummy is afraid she's fairy late in posting Halloween pics. There's no use pretending. I can't make-up for it, so let's not dwell on the gory details.

I mean, witch would you rather - late pictures or no pictures at all?

That's what I thought…so, let me treat you to them now!

Bee very careful or Taylor will tell you to buzz off!
Two minutes for ruffing! Jack borrowed Bentley's costume from last year.

Um, Carter? Has anyone seen Carter?

Haven't seen him, but there's Yoshi over there with Bentley.

Carter had so much fun dressing up as Yoshi all day at school that when it came time to go trick-or-treating, he decided to opt out. Can you blame the guy? Memories of the cold, rainy walk from last year haunted him. He was having none of that again! That meant that Bentley didn't go out either, so he didn't have to dress-up. Of course, Carter thought that he should anyways...



Way to get into the spirit of things, Bent-shi!

I can't believe another Halloween has come and gone. As we move into winter, here's hoping we candy-pend on the winter going by as quickly as the fall (ya, right!) and that we keep the germs at bay and the coffin to a minimum. Happy November everyone!