Thursday, 2 July 2015

Our New Family Room

I'm sitting in our new family room remembering back to when I first started this blog. It was shortly after we moved away so that Carter could attend a private school where he would receive more individualized attention for his communication and educational needs.

Our new family room is geographically closer to the very thing it's named for: family. A week ago we moved back, closer to our support system and closer to work for my husband. No more commuting across the GTA (insert smiley face here).

Our new family room is a bit smaller and has some different features than the one in our last house, but what the room is named for is what's most important. Our decision to move was based around what we felt was best for our family at this point in time.

Come September, Carter will start back into the regular school system. He's a much different boy than he was when we left the public school system four years ago. But, I won't lie, I'm still a bit nervous about the upcoming school year.

For now, I'll focus on enjoying the summer. We're getting to know our new neighbours and our new neighbourhood. So far so good. We're enjoying this place we hope to call home for many years to come. And as I look around, I realize that as much as I'll miss our old family room, this new one is really starting to grow on me.

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