Saturday, 7 April 2012

I Marvel at Your Cooking

I had to laugh the other day when my son, Jack told me that he marvels at my cooking. What a compliment! Especially when more often than not I feel like a novice in the kitchen.

I'm certain the term, 'marvel' comes from Jack's teacher. I've heard several things from my seven year old that haven't come from home. It makes me marvel at all that he takes in, remembers, and repeats in relevant, meaningful ways.

In the spirit of Jack's (or rather Jack's teacher's) new phrase I thought I would list some of the things that I marvel at with regards to my three kids.

 I marvel at... different each of my children are.

I marvel at...

...the many things my kids have to offer.

Taylor reminds me daily that being less structured and having a free-spirit can spice things up. There's never a dull moment with Taylor around!

Jack's sense of humour often lightens the mood when things get tense. He keeps everyone smiling - or at least he tries.

And Carter, well...Carter has opened up a whole new world for me. One that includes many things I would not have experienced had he not been born with a developmental disability. He has made me appreciate the little things that we so often take for granted.

I marvel at...

...Carter's easy-going disposition....his patience and minimal frustration in light of the fact that he is non-verbal. I can't imagine many others who would be as agreeable if they couldn't plainly convey their wants and needs. These qualities were evident during our recent ski trip to Vermont.

I marvel at...

...Jack's thoughtfulness and sensitivity. A few weeks back he came home from school and told me about a movie he'd seen. There was a boy in the movie that had lost his legs and was in a wheelchair. Jack was quite emotional and very concerned about the boy. Full of questions, Jack needed reassurance that the boy would be okay without legs. It took a lengthy discussion before the subject came to a close and even then Jack left the conversation feeling distressed that some people have to struggle in life to overcome undeserved challenges. Carter is a lucky guy to have such a sensitive brother.

And finally...

I marvel at...

...Taylor's pure exhilaration over things that she loves. I marvel at her exuberance and her lack of inhibitions.
We moved to the greater Toronto area recently and are now living in an area much more culturally diverse than where we used to live.
Taylor, Jack and I were approaching the check-out with our groceries one afternoon when I heard my daughter exclaim, "Jack! Look! A genie!" (keep in mind that at five years old Taylor is very much into the world of fairy tales and princesses - especially Disney princesses). When she saw a gentleman wearing a turban she equated him to a character she was familiar with, not to someone of a new culture that she knew nothing about. She was so excited that she blurted out the first thing that entered her mind.
I must admit, with Taylor some days it isn't so much marvelling as it is 'shushing'. After the shushing comes damage control. Thankfully the gentleman did not hear what Taylor said and I was able to quietly rein her in until we got to the car where I explained that genies are found in fairy tales, not at the local grocery store.

Thanks, kids! Every day I marvel at your uniqueness.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Stacey! I marvel at all you do and how you are able to see the marvelous despite raising three children so close in age. Great article!!!!