Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Evolution of Lawn Mower Play

It's never an easy task finding toys that interest Carter. Twice a year -- Christmas and his birthday -- I scramble for gift ideas at the request of relatives, all while trying to save some ideas for myself.

It was obvious early on that having wheels would be the prerequisite for any toy to be endorsed by Carter. Toy lawn mowers (TLMs) definitely 'made the cut' (pun and they've held fast their position on the top ten list of most playworthy toys according to Carter.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to my husband that maybe, since Carter is 8 years old and getting taller by the minute, we could get him a used lawn mower and take the engine out of it so that he could push it around with ease. Wouldn't he just have a blast with it?

My hubby did better than that. He found a used lawn mower that is super light. No alterations or adjustments were needed. He arrived home with it a few days ago and Carter is smitten to say the least.

He has this cute way of animating objects that he really loves, hugging them and telling us that they're sleeping or tired. He waves goodbye to his LM when it's time to come inside, blowing it kisses as the door closes behind him.

Take a look at how things have evolved in our household with lawn mowers (I'm sure we had at least two or three more TLMs over the years. But I guess I didn't capture them all on film):

2006   Birthday gift for sharing with Jack

2007    Still loving my lawn mower a year later!
2008   Little sister gets a pink TLM!

2011  The pink TLM is still going strong. Who says pink is only for girls?

  And now the moment you've all been waiting for....

Signing 'lawn mower' and loving his new machine.

Some decorating was in order (Thomas and Toy Story, of course).

Carter's interests are a bit unconventional -- definitely not typical for an eight year old. But he doesn't want for much. Yes, it's challenging to buy for him but when we finally find something that he loves it's beyond satisfying to watch his genuine, unadulterated joy.

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