Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Weeks Before Christmas

In the weeks before Christmas,
the schedule is packed.
Not one evening is open, 
I'm feeling quite whacked!

Hockey practises and games,
dance lessons and swimming,
Carter's talker group too,
fill our weekends and evenings.

The days are so busy.
As a stay at home Mom,
I can't even imagine
holding a job too, like some.

I'm still volunteering.
At work hubby's hopping.
Our regular routine 
plus lots of gift shopping!!!

To our busy schedule  
is added such clatter,
I go through my day 
feeling like the mad hatter.

The hectic yet magical
season is here.
School concerts and parties,
 Santa's visit is near! 

And the children, unfazed 
are just happy to be,
on a hunt for their elf,
Where's she hiding? Do you see?

We'll survive, we will manage,
as all families do.
In fifteen days it'll be over
And the year will be through.

For now I will try
to embrace all that's here.
With this season of family,
of giving and good cheer.

Then hubby and I
will totally collapse.
We'll settle right in
for some long winter naps.

(What? Who am I kidding?
That won't be the scene.
We'll just start all over
In two thousand and thirteen!)
Our Elf on a Shelf, MunchMunch (the kids named her - don't ask me!)

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