Friday, 4 January 2013

Bentley's Biz: The Holiday Season's Got Me Dog Tired

Thought I'd stop in to chew the fat about some tail-waggin' things that have been keeping me busy lately.

I've been doing my fair share of work (as my boy, Carter would say, 'Bentley coat on.') But, I've also had my share of play time with the kids - there's been some serious tobogganing and skating going on. I sure love snow, except when my darn ball gets lost in the stuff and I can't sniff it out!

Carter's been to a few appointments and I went along for support. Nothing stressful like visiting the dentist. He saw some people about speech stuff. I'm always falling asleep wherever we go so  all I can tell you about the appointment is that the building was nice but the floors were kind of cool and not very cozy for napping. Although, that didn't stop me.

Hmmm...what else? I did some shopping with Carter's Mom during the Christmas season. Boy, the stores were busy. Watching the people scurry around the mall, I couldn't help but ask myself, 'Who let loose the hounds?'

And, I've been spending a lot of time in arenas. Carter loves him some hockey - especially when it's his brother Jack out on the ice. When Jack has a home game we're always there to cheer him on - arf!

We get lots of attention whenever we go out. People stare at us (er, me). Some even come over and tell Carter's Mom what a good looking dog I am. I usually have a nervous yawn and then go into my downward dog position before I lie down and look the other way (shucks, it's kind of embarrassing). Some of those folks come right over and pet me without asking. Carter's Mom's got a real bone to pick with people like that. If my coat is on it means I'm working, people! Sheesh, what's that saying you humans have, call off the dogs? How about call off the humans?

Around home there have been lots of people coming and going for Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. That means more crumbs and food for me to clean up off the floor. You could say it's a bit of a dog's breakfast, but I'm not complaining. Turkey, dressing, baked goods - yum!

You're probably wanting to hear about what a hot dog my boy, Carter's been lately. So, enough about me.

Carter using his talker to tell about the toys he got from Santa.
He's being a real pit bull when it comes to his letters. He's starting to spell on his talker and he's starting to read!

His Mom pulled out a Memory Matching game the other day. The game has word cards and each word card has a matching picture card. She put down some of the cards and Carter matched up the pictures with the words (and vice versa). Carter's mom was so excited. I just know her inner tail was wagging.

I heard Carter's Mom telling Carter's Dad that Carter would try to spell out any words that he didn't know on his talker. That's my boy!

I guess she tried to throw my boy off scent by putting down four words that all started with 'c'. Quick as a dog can lick a dish, Carter fetched the cards and matched them with the right word or picture. There was no fooling him.

I always knew he was the pick of the litter (and I think his Mom knows it too). Thank goodness he finally has a dog's chance to show everyone what he's capable of.

I can't wait to see what he does in 2013!

2012...leave it!

2013...bring it!

P.S. Santa was good to me. He left me a beef flavoured candy cane and a bunch of other treats in my stocking - yum!

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    1. <O

      Doggone it all - thank you very much!

  2. Dear Bentley,
    Who knew that you were so articulate (& witty?)How good of Stacey to open up her blog to you. It sounds like you are a fabulous part of Carter's life. He is one lucky guy. It's no wonder he is so smart, with his amazing spirit, exceptional mom, all of the tools he's got in place, and YOU.

    Grrrrreat post! (And so kind of you to give Stacey a little time to recover after the holidays).

    Ida Mae

    1. <O

      It's a dog's life, Ida Mae. It's a dog's life.