Saturday, 11 May 2013

#15 Dancing Like Nobody's Watching instead of Singing Like Nobody's Listening

If you're like me and you find a catchy song on the radio your foot taps, your hands drum; you feel the need to sing along. It takes listening to a song several times before you catch on to the lyrics. Sometimes you think you've finally got them. You sing along more confidently until one day, weeks, months, maybe even years later you discover that the words you've been singing aren't the right lyrics.

My daughter, Taylor loves to sing along to the radio whenever we're in the car. Sometimes her brother, Jack follows her lead while I stifle my laughter from the driver's seat as I listen to them singing with confidence; songs like:

Put a Ring On It    by BeyoncĂ©

T & J's lyrics: All the single-etta, all the single-etta
                         All the single-etta, all the single-etta.

actual lyrics: All the single ladies, all the single ladies
                        All the single ladies, all the single ladies

Single-etta? Sounds like an Italian divorcée looking for a date.

How about the line from Tragically Hip's, Little Bones that I heard my husband singing back when we were first dating:

hubby's lyrics: They'd say, "Baby eat this chicken sub
                           It's full of all them little bones."

actual lyrics: They'd say, "Baby eat this chicken slow
                        It's full of all them little bones."

I certainly hope there aren't any bones in my chicken sub!

And one last one that I'll never forget; told to me by a high school friend who worked with someone that was very confused about some Deep Purple lyrics:

misheard lyrics: Slow walkin' Walter, fire engine guy.

actual lyrics: Smoke on the water, fire in your eyes.

The next time you're singing along to your music, whether you've got the right lyrics or not, belt it out for all the people like Carter who can't sing at all. He won't get caught singing like nobody's listening, but always, he dances like nobody's watching.

What song lyrics have you misunderstood?

Disclaimer: Views in the Not Being Able to Speak series are derived from my personal experience with Carter. I do not speak on behalf of others with complex communication needs. It is not my intent to minimize or disregard the power of expression that can be found through the use of augmentative and alternative forms of communication.

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