Monday, 20 May 2013

#18 Giving the 'Silent Treatment' is a Bit Ambiguous

Carter was ticked off at me the other day - nothing serious. He kept stealing grapes from the fruit bowl that sits on our counter. He'd saunter over, help himself to a couple of grapes, pop them in his mouth and then grin like the cheshire cat. When I finally put a stop to his thievery, telling him he'd had enough grapes for now, he got right upset; to the point of crying (too much Night Walkin' the night before, I think).

He went back to the couch in a huff to finish watching his TV program. When I spoke to him a bit later he didn't even turn around to acknowledge me.

Wait a minute...did my non-verbal son just give me the silent treatment? Your guess is as good as mine.

This par-a-dox has been brought to you in part by a pair-a-grapes.

Disclaimer: Views in the Not Being Able to Speak series are derived from my personal experience with Carter. I do not speak on behalf of others with complex communication needs. It is not my intent to minimize or disregard the power of expression that can be found through the use of augmentative and alternative forms of communication.

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