Thursday, 30 May 2013

#20 Read Alouds Reshaped

Reading, reading, reading. Every night with Jack and Taylor we practise reading.

Carter, who's always been a book lover, gets totally engrossed in books that are read to him. Lately though, the focus has been more on Jack and Taylor reading aloud for practise.

I recently discovered the perfect app for Carter that allows him to do some reading aloud of his own. The app is called *I Like Books and the 'Read to me' option means that Carter can hear the story as he reads along.

I helped him get started and showed him how to navigate the pages, how to start the book over and how to choose a different book. It didn't take long for him to figure it all out and then I was no longer needed, but I stayed nearby and watched him engage in 'reading' as his eyes danced across the page following the highlighted words that were being read aloud. When a sentence was finished, he would often go back and tap the individual words to hear/read them again.

The stories are packed with core words that Carter can practise on his talker. Before long, I think he'll be able to move away from the 'Read to me' option toward the 'Read by myself' set-up where he will use his talker to do his own read aloud.

In my previous post I talked about two different presentations I attended, put on by well known AAC professionals. I learned of this app at one presentation, and at the other, I heard Dr. Pat Mirenda tell her audience that literacy for non-speaking kids is essential. If we teach them reading and writing they will be able to say whatever it is they want to say.

If we teach them reading and writing; the more things they'll know, and the more our kids learn, the more places they'll go! 

*Read more about how you can customize the I Like Books series here.

Disclaimer: Views in the Not Being Able to Speak series are derived from my personal experience with Carter. I do not speak on behalf of others with complex communication needs. It is not my intent to minimize or disregard the power of expression that can be found through the use of augmentative and alternative forms of communication.


  1. Awesome! I love to hear how things are going with Carter...

    1. Thanks, Linda! He's doing great - so motivated to learn.

  2. Love this Stacey! I remember your Core Words post, and I'll have to recommend this app along!

    1. Yes, it's a good one to recommend for sure. Thanks, Ida Mae!